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As a Doula, I...

Provide Continuous Care

I will be with you to provide physical, emotional, information, and advocational support from the moment you request my services until your baby is born.

Provide Physical Support

Through touch such as massage or counterpressure, positioning suggestions, and a calm environment in birth, I will help you to maintain control, comfort, and confidence. 

Provide Emotional Support

In order for the parents to feel proud and empowered by their birth experience.

Provide Information

For the parents to be able to make informed decisions on interventions and care, while also being given suggestions on laboring techniques and ways the partner can support the birthing person in labor.

Advocate for You and Your Family

Without speaking on behalf of you or your family, I will advocate for the choices that you have made for your birth experience and newborn care.

As a Doula, I Do Not...

Perform clinical tasks or give medical advice

During pregnancy, labor, or postpartum. This is the job of your care provider (ie. OBGYN or Midwife)

Make decisions for you or pressure you into certain choices 

Nor project any of my own beliefs onto your experience.

Take over the role of the birthing person's partner

Instead I support the partner in their birth journey and give suggestions on ways they can support the birthing person.

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